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Civil Services Examination is conducted by Union Public Service Commission annually to select proper candidates for appointment to various All India and Central Services. This examination is a three stage selection process involving Preliminary examination, Main examination and interview. This examination is widely acclaimed as one of toughest competitive examination in the world. Every year more than 4 to 5 lakh candidates appear in the examination for appointment to about 800-900 seats. This also establishes the cutting edge nature of this competitive examination.
Over the years a large number of students have found this examination as a tough nut to crack. This situation arises because of lack of proper understanding of nature of examination and improper guidance.

Generally various myths prevail among the students about Civil Services Examination. Like only those candidates having high socio economic background can only successfully qualify this examination. But if you look at the records of previous ten years, you can easily see that most of the candidates those who have finally qualified in the examination have came from middle or lower middle class.

Another misconception which prevails among the students is that only those candidates who have scored very high marks in academics can only qualify for IAS. But the records shatter this myth also. Most of the candidates those who have finally qualified in the examination have scored very ordinary marks at their school and collage level.

But one thing is certain about the candidates who qualify successfully in IAS examination; they are crystal clear about their goals and have firm determination to achieve that.

There are three preconditions for success in Civil Services Examination. These preconditions are- –

  • Proper guidance
  • Proper study material
  • And last but not least Hard work


If you have all these three credentials, then no power on the earth can stop you from realising your goal. INSIGHT IAS ACADEMY endeavours to provide you proper guidance, best study material and conducive & motivating atmosphere where you can realise your full potential.