At, Insight IAS Academy, we endeavour an unflinching commitment towards Nation building by nourishing the young, dynamic and conscientious civil services officers. In India, IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS and other Civil Services are the most elite government services, entrusted with various responsibilities associated with the governance of our country. Officers belonging to these cadres enjoy immense amount of power, high social status and also experience the various dynamics of administration. We at Insight IAS Academy, help hose aspirants who are motivated and are willing to serve the nation with highest commitment for the upliftment of poor and downtrodden.
Insight IAS Academy began its journey of transforming the life of civil services aspirants and to guide them to become successful civil services officers in the year 1988 under the guidance of the Director of the Academy Prof. S. BALIYAN and other mosaic of experts. Since then, it has been a custom of the academy that every year more than 200 INSIGHTIANS join the ranks of Indian bureaucracy.
At Insight, we make constant efforts to enrich our students with comprehensive and depth knowledge of all the dimensions of examination syllabus. Well-structured course curriculum of Insight IAS Academy develops the conceptual understanding of each topic. Special attention is given to the current developments taking place in India and others parts of the world. The integration of concepts with contemporary knowledge goes a long way in imparting the right skill like lateral thinking for doing critical analysis and evaluation of different opinions which are the essential requirements to crack civil services examination.